The Dashboard provides key information about your fleet's overall performance in an at-a-glance view. The data is presented in charts and graphs that help you visualize how your assets and devices are being used across your fleet. To access the Dashboard, click  on the sidebar menu on the left. (If your organization has purchased the add-on service CrashBoxx, you'll see a flyout menu, in which you will also have to click Fleet.)

The Dashboard displays the data of the group you have selected in the Group Chooser. See Choosing a Group to View Globally for details on how to change your chosen group (and thus the information shown).

The Dashboard contains three tabs of data:

  • Devices: Shows how many devices haven't reported to CalAmp recently, which assets have no associated devices, and which devices are not assigned to an asset. (See Viewing Device Data on the Dashboard.)
  • Safety: Displays how your overall fleet safety score has evolved over the past month, percentages of harsh event and speeding safety violations, and which drivers have triggered the most harsh and speeding events. (See Viewing Safety Data on the Dashboard.)
  • Utilization: Charts how your assets are being used across your fleet from week to week (measuring idling and work time) and includes a summary table with the percentages of usage for each asset. (See Viewing Utilization Data on the Dashboard.)

Note: If your company uses CalAmp's CrashBoxx offering, you will also have a CrashBoxx Dashboard. Go to Viewing Accident Data on the CrashBoxx Dashboard for details about checking out its data.