CalAmp's Maintenance module enables you to create service schedules for your assets so that you can keep track of when they are due for repairs and receive alert reminders prior to the maintenance due date. When you set up a service schedule for use with your assets, there are several steps, as follows:

Caution: The most important part of the entire procedure is planning, which is covered by steps 1 and 2 below.

  1. First identify the group of assets you want the schedule to apply to. Usually, it will encompass all the repairs required for a certain type, such as a Light-Duty Truck service schedule, or even a certain make and model, such as a Mack TerraPro service schedule.
  2. Next, determine each individual service/repair that type of asset will need on a regular basis, such as oil changes, air filter replacements, and tire rotation. Each one of these will become an item in step 3.
  3. Create all the items, naming them clearly and simply, such as Oil Change or Tire Rotation. See Adding a Service Item for details.
  4. Create the maintenance schedule, which will include adding all the individual items you added in step 3, as shown in Adding a Service Schedule.
  5. Assign the schedule to the assets they apply to (on the Admin - Assets screen). The schedules will do nothing until you do so. (See Assigning a Service Schedule to Assets.)

Caution: After you complete this process, your scheduled maintenance will appear on the Admin - Maintenance screen, accessible by clicking and then selecting Maintenance on the flyout menu. (See Checking When Services Are Due and Viewing Scheduled Services and the Service History for an Asset.)

You won't receive an alert when repairs are due. If you would like to be notified (or to alert another employee in your organization, such as a lead mechanic), you can configure a Maintenance Due notification, as shown in Creating a Maintenance Due Notification.