Using the CalAmp Maintenance module, you can keep track of when maintenance is due for your assets, via service schedules you can configure to your needs. Service schedules are designed for a particular type of vehicle, such as a light-duty truck or, even more specifically, a make and model, such as a Mack TerraPro, and include all the individual repairs and other vehicle upkeep tasks required for it. After the first four steps of creating a schedule are completed (as listed in The Process of Creating a Service Schedule), you must assign the schedule to each individual asset whose maintenance you want to be tracked.

WARNING: If you do NOT assign a service schedule to your assets, the schedule will do nothing except exist.

To assign a service schedule to your assets, follow these steps:

  1. In the sidebar menu on the left, click .
  2. Click Assets on the flyout menu that appears.
    The Admin - Assets screen will appear.
  3. If the assets are in a subgroup of the one you have selected in the Group Chooser, make sure that View Subgroups is selected at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Select the check box in the row of each asset you want to assign the maintenance schedule to.
    An options row will appear at the top of the grid.
  5. Click Edit.
    The Edit X Assets dialog box will appear.
    Warning: There is a known bug that will not prepopulate the Maintenance Schedule drop-down list with the available schedules for the assets' group. To fix that, perform step 6.
  6. Click the Group drop-down arrow and select the group to which the assets are currently assigned (which should be the same one containing the service schedule or a parent).
  7. Click the Maintenance Schedule drop-down arrow and select the name of the service schedule you want to assign the assets to.
    Note: The available maintenance schedules will be those that are assigned to the same group the assets are or a parent group. If you don't see the schedule you want to assign, it may be because the asset type or category of a selected asset doesn't match the specified one in the service schedule's settings. (If you need to change the schedule, see Editing a Service Schedule.)
  8. Ignore all the other fields.
  9. Click Done.
    A success message will appear at the bottom of the screen, stating how many assets you edited.
  10. Click OK to dismiss it. (Or you can wait a few seconds, and it will automatically close.)