If you have previously saved a map view (an area of the map you focus in on frequently with a chosen basemap) but would like to change it, you can do so as follows:

Note: See Saving a Map View for details on how to create a map view.

  1. In the sidebar menu on the left, click .
    The Tracking screen will open and display the assets of the group you have selected in the Group Chooser. (See Choosing a Group to View Globally for details on how to change your chosen group.)
  2. In the map toolbar at the top right, click .
    The Map Views widget will display all the map views you have previously saved.
  3. To just change the view's name, follow these steps:
    Note: To change its zoom level, location, or basemap, skip to step 4.
    1. Click  to the right of the name of the view.
    2. In the Edit Map View Name field, type the new name you would like to use for the map view.
    3. Click Done.
      Going forward, you can quickly have the map focus in on your chosen favorite area by clicking its new name in the Map Views widget on the Tracking screen or in the Asset History v2 report. (See Launching a Map View for more details.)
  4. To make other edits to the map view, follow these steps:
    Note: You can't actually make other changes to the existing view; instead, you can launch it, make your modifications, save it as a new view, and then delete the original.
    1. Click the view's name in the Map Views widget.

      The map will zoom in on that area and switch to its basemap (if needed).
    2. To change the region displayed by the view, click and drag the map and zoom in and out as needed using and  at the bottom right of the map. (Take up the whole of the visible map area with the new area to be included in the view.)
    3. To use a different basemap for the view, follow these steps:
      1. Click  in the top-right toolbar.
        The Basemaps widget will appear.
      2. Click the new basemap you want for the view.
    4. Click  in the top-right toolbar.
      The Map Views widget will display your saved views again (including the one you are "editing").
    5. Click Save Current View at the top right.
    6. In the Name the Custom View field, type a different name for the map view than the one you've been currently using.
    7. Click Done.
      Now, you'll have both the original view and the one with your edits.
    8. If you no longer need the original one, you can delete it as shown in Deleting a Saved Map View.
    9. To change the name of the new view, follow steps 2 and 3 for it.