CalAmp Vision is a video-telematics solution that includes a camera device (with one lens facing the road and the other facing the driver) in your vehicles that will return video files to CalAmp you can view within the software. This enables you to accurately assess driver behavior, which can help improve driving efficiency and mitigate liabilities. If your assets are equipped with our Vision cameras (and your user role has Vision privileges), you can see the captured videos on the Tracking screen; to do so, open the associated asset's Asset Details pane and expand its Vision panel, which will display the vehicle's last recorded video events. (See Viewing a CalAmp Vision Video Capture for more details.)

CalAmp Vision cameras are designed to start capturing video in response to certain events. Captured videos are uploaded to the software at the end of every trip. These are the events that trigger a recording:

Event Type
Cell phone distraction

Distracted driving

Drowsy driving

Harsh acceleration

Harsh braking

Harsh cornering

Lane departure

Lane drift

Maximum speed violation
This is triggered if the driver exceeds 75 mph.
Possible crash
The data is sent to the server to verify whether an accident has occurred. Also, if your organization has purchased the CrashBoxx module, its crash-detection algorithm will send an alert if it determines that there was a true crash.
SOS panic button
A panic button is included as part of the Vision package. If there is an emergency, the driver can press this to alert dispatch/the CalAmp software that they need help, which will also initiate video capture.
Speed limit sign violation
This capture begins if the operator drives more than 5 mph over the speed limit.
Stop sign violation


Each video clip uploaded to CalAmp will include 9 seconds prior to the triggering event and 5 seconds after it.

Note: See What Can You Expect with CalAmp Vision? for more information about CalAmp's Vision offering.