If your organization is using CalAmp's electronic logging device (ELD) solution, for which we are partnering with assured Techmatics, there is an add-on service available (at an additional cost) that provides your drivers a Driver Support Hotline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

24/7 Driver Support Hotline: 1(469)205-2405

Make sure to inform your drivers that this is available to them whenever they have ELD issues.

Note: For more information about CalAmp's ELD offering, go to An Introduction to CalAmp's Electronic Logging Device Solution.

The hotline service, called TransCare, will provide the following:

  • Reliability: The hotline will be answered 24 hours a day, every day. At least two TransCare agents will be staffed at all times, and two phone lines will be active. (If both lines are busy, calls will be forwarded to voice mail. If the driver leaves a message marked as "urgent," the call will be returned within 10 minutes.)
  • Prompt service: 90 percent of all calls are answered in 20 or fewer seconds. If the driver abandons the call, a TransCare agent will return the call within 10 minutes.
  • Call recordings: All calls are recorded to make sure that the drivers' needs will be met.
  • Quick resolution: The agent will attempt to resolve the driver's issue while on the call; if this isn't possible, they will assign the case to a specialist.
  • Commitment times: If the driver's problem had to be escalated to a specialist, the agent will inform them of the expected time for completion.

TransCare will prioritize the resolution of problems as follows:

Severity Level
Response Time
System down
The server, network, or application isn't functioning.
The ELD is malfunctioning, or there is another customer impact that prevents its use (such as the driver not being able to log in or export the ELD data file to dispatch).
15 or fewer minutes after the call was answered
The driver is experiencing a high-impact problem but is able to use the ELD in a diminished fashion; there is an issue affecting long-term productivity that is time sensitive but not immediately stopping work; or there is a major customer concern (such as the driver not wanting to edit a log and waiting for dispatch to request a change).
Within 2 hours, if possible (longer if third-party involvement is needed)
There is a problem that is important to the customer but doesn't have a major effect on productivity.
Within 12 hours
The reported issue requires no action on the TransCare agent's part other than monitoring for a possible follow-up.
Within 1 business day
The driver's call is a request for information or a suggestion for improvement.