CalAmp is partnering with assured Techmatics, a leading provider of compliance solutions for trucking companies, to provide an easy, reliable, and efficient electronic logging device (ELD) solution. CalAmp's ELD offering can help your organization fulfill the mandate of using an electronic method of logging drive time instead of a paper one.

Our usual setup involves the purchase of MiTAC MDTs (mobile data terminals) connected to our LMU-3640 devices in your vehicles. On the MDTs, your drivers will use the apollo ELD application from assured Techmatics to record their hours of service.

apollo ELD is a certified application that is fully compliant with ELD standards. It integrates with the LMU-3640s to pull engine data to the MDTs and provides a comprehensive back-office portal for fleet managers to track driver's hours of service, the ELD Online Portal, which you will access at

Note: A planned future enhancement is the integration of the apollo ELD management portal within the CalAmp application.

You will be able to export each driver's log book to save all their recorded hours of service as a CSV  (comma-separated value) file on the Log Books screen. Two Dashboards provide an at-a-glance view of your total compliance records and your HOS (hours of service), listed by driver name.

The DVIR screen enables you to create a driver vehicle inspection report for a time frame of your choosing.

In addition, the apollo ELD software provides the following:

  • Proactive notifications when a driver does not comply with the mandate
  • Complete passenger-carrying compliance
  • 100% compliance with all federal HOS regulations
  • Up-to-date ELD data, which ensures that drivers, dispatchers, brokers, shippers, and receivers are connected and sharing ETAs, dock assignment, and such
  • Automated fuel capture and detailed electronic IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) reporting, which eliminates missing jurisdictions and other errors and ensures full compliance

Help Documentation

You can find help pages for using the ELD Online Portal ( at ELD Online Portal User Guide. Also, at the bottom of this article are two PDFs: one with Online Portal Fuel Receipts and Enhanced IFTA information and one with apollo ELD FAQs (frequently asked questions).

Training Videos

You can find training videos for the ELD Online Portal at the following links:

Note: The home page for the following videos is


Log Books




Driver Aids

You can find user guide PDFs and links to videos that will help your drivers use the ELD software at Driver Application Videos and User Guides.