Geofence events occur when your assets enter and exit your designated geofences (areas of interest to your organization, such as job sites or vehicle yards); these are automatically reported to CalAmp for each geofence that has the option Generate Enter/Exit Events for Reports selected. You acknowledge your current geofence events on the Geofence Events screen. To acknowledge a geofence event, in CalAmp terms, means that you are verifying for all the other users in your organization that the geofence event has been seen and, if necessary, handled (for example, if the area that was entered was a prohibited zone, so the driver's manager needed informed). Generally, only responsible parties should be acknowledging geofence events.

Note: Don't confuse geofence events with alerts/notifications! Alerts/notifications are messages sent from the CalAmp system to inform users of certain asset or driver situations (as a result of event triggers from your assets' devices), such as a warning about a low battery or a missing CalAmp Tag. Geofence events are not displayed on the Notifications panel that is accessible in the site banner — UNLESS you or someone else in your organization has specifically added a notification using one of these alert types: Geofence Event, Geofence Event by Asset, Geofence Event v2, and Geofence URLPOST Event. (See Adding a Notification [Alert].)

For information about the features of the Geofence Events screen, go to Viewing Your Geofence Events.

To acknowledge your geofence events, follow these steps:

  1. In the sidebar menu on the left, click .
  2. Click Geofence Events on the flyout menu that appears.
    The Events - Geofence Events screen will appear and display all the unacknowledged geofence events your organization has received.
    By default, your geofence events are listed by date and time in descending order (from newest to oldest).
  3. To acknowledge multiple geofence events, click each one's check box at the far left in its row.
    An acknowledgment option bar will appear at the top of the grid, displaying the number of geofence events you've chosen.
  4. Click Acknowledge Selected.
    Note: You can acknowledge a single geofence event by clicking  at the far right of its row. 
    A success message will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Click OK to dismiss it. (Or you can wait a few seconds, and it will automatically close.)
    The Geofence Events screen will be refreshed and then no longer display the geofence events, as it shows only unacknowledged ones by default.
    Note: If you'd like to see acknowledged events as well, open the Acknowledged column's filter, click Clear, and then click Apply. (See Sorting and Filtering Column Data if needed.)