You can save customizations you make to a grid (such as displaying additional columns, rearranging columns, and changing the default sorting method) for just the screen you are currently working on, if that is your preference. To do so, follow these steps:

Note: To have CalAmp save grid modifications you make automatically for ALL the application's screens, you can select the Automatically Save Grid Settings toggle in the Preferences area of My Profile. (See Viewing Your Profile and Setting Your Preferences for details.)

  1. Make sure that the Automatically Save Grid Settings toggle is deselected in the Preferences area of My Profile (again, see Viewing Your Profile and Setting Your Preferences if necessary).

    Note: If Automatically Save Grid Settings is NOT deselected, you won't be able to save grid configurations for just one screen (as all will be kept), and the save icon won't appear above the grid.
  2. Make the grid changes you would like for the screen. (See Customizing Displayed Columns for details.)
    Note: In this Admin - Users screen example, I moved the Group column to the far right, removed the Status column, and sorted the grid by last name ascending.
  3. At the top right of the grid, click . (If you haven't made any layout updates you can save,  will be above the grid instead.)
    will temporarily change to (before settling on ), and a success message will appear.
    Now, whenever you open the screen for which you saved changes, your chosen configuration will be displayed, even after you log out of your current session and then log back in.
    Note: If you decide in the future that you want to return to the default view, with only its original columns and layout displayed, click at the top right of the grid. At the top of the Columns dialog box, click Reset All. Click to save your new screen settings, and your customized view will be discarded.

    Note: If at any later time you decide to select Automatically Save Grid Settings in My Profile, any previous individual screen configurations will be preserved, in addition to grid customizations made after that point being saved for all screens.