At the top left of the Tracking screen is a Search box. This enables you to search for your assets by name, alias, or license plate number and pinpoint them on the map. In addition, you can locate drivers, addresses, CalAmp Tags assigned to vehicles as tools, devices (using their names or ESNs [electronic serial numbers]), and your geofences. To perform a search, follow these steps:

  1. On the sidebar menu on the left, click .
    The Tracking screen will open and display the assets of the group you have selected in the Group Chooser.
    Caution: The Search feature will return only entities that belong to your selected group or one of its subgroups. See Choosing a Group to View Globally for details on how to change your chosen group.
  2. Click in the Search box at the top left of the screen.
  3. Type your search criteria in the box.
    As you type, possible results will appear below the Search field.
    In the list, devices will have the name of the asset they are assigned to displayed under their ESN.
  4. Click the asset, driver, geofence, address, or device ESN you are looking for.
    The map will zoom in on its location. For an asset, device, or geofence, you can click its icon or shape to display the available data for it.
    Note: The Tracking screen has viewing geofences and cargo-monitoring devices turned off by default, but a geofence search should automatically make your geofences visible. You can enable them manually by clicking the Map Layers icon () on the right and selecting the Geofence toggle. ( means selected, and  deselected.) Likewise, you can turn on viewing cargo assets/devices by selecting the Map Layers Cargo Assets toggle.
    These settings will persist over user sessions, so if you turn geofence or cargo asset visibility on and log out, the next time you log in, you will still be able to see them.