The Tracking screen has a feature that enables you to save assets you view frequently as a filter — by name, by the group they belong to, their asset type, their asset category, their assigned route, and their current status (such as Idle). You also can set a filter to see only certain geofences (areas of interest to your organization, such as job sites). This enables you to access those assets or geofences quickly and easily in the future. If you have previously added a filter, you can view it as follows:

Note: See Saving an Asset or Geofence View as a Filter for details on how to save a map filter.

If you are familiar with legacy iOn and are looking for its bookmark feature (which enabled you to save an area of the map as a favorite), you will be happy to know that you can now save map views. See Saving a Map View and Launching a Map View for details.

  1. On the sidebar menu on the left, click .
    The Tracking screen will appear.
  2. Click Select Filter at the top right.
    A list of your saved filters will appear.
  3. Click the name of the filter you want to view.
    The map will zoom in on the assets or geofences specified in the filter. If you are viewing assets, only they will appear in the asset list or grid (which you access by clicking to the right of ).
    Caution: Be aware that the Tracking screen has viewing geofences turned off by default. If you select a geofence filter, however, they should become visible automatically. (Currently, though, the responsive enabling of geofence visibility doesn't always work.) You can turn them on by clicking the Map Layers icon () on the right and selecting the Geofence toggle. ( means selected, and  deselected.)
    Note: This setting will persist across user sessions, so if you enable geofence visibility and then log out, when you log back in again, you will continue to be able to see your geofences.