You can submit a request for a video capture for a specific time frame from the Tracking screen's Asset History grid. After you've made your request, you can go to the Vision Library screen to check its status and view the video.

Caution: Your available video history depends on the dashcam's storage configuration and the asset's trip activity.

Your user role will need to have the Vision privilege in order for you to be able to request videos or even view the Vision Library screen.

Requesting a Video Capture

To submit a request for a video for an asset for a particular time frame, follow these steps:

  1. Map the history of activity for the asset for a time period including the minutes you want a video capture of. See Mapping Asset History for details, if needed.
  2. Expand the trip containing the time range in question and scroll down to the row of an event that begins near the date/time you need.
  3. Click  in the event's row.
    The Request Video dialog box will appear.
  4. To change the date of the requested video, click the Date calendar picker, select the new day, and click Okay.
  5. To change the time of the requested video, click the Time picker, use the up/down arrows to choose a new hour and minute, and click Okay.
  6. Click the Available Duration drop-down arrow and select how long of a video you need — one minute, two minutes, three minutes, or five minutes.
    Caution: Longer videos will take longer to process. Also, a five-minute one will be a time-lapse video (in which time seems to be sped up).
  7. Click the Video Quality drop-down arrow and select how high you'd like the resolution to be — 320 x 180, 640 x 360, or 1280 x 720.
    Caution: Higher-quality videos will take longer to process.
  8. Click Submit Request Video.
    The Video Successfully Requested! dialog box will appear.
    Note: If the video isn't available (due to storage limitations on the dashcam, lack of trip activity, or the capture being archived), a message will inform you of the fact.
    Click Close to exit the Video Not Found dialog box.
  9. In the Video Successfully Requested! dialog box, you can click Go to Vision Page to see the status of your request or Close to return to the Tracking screen's history results.

Viewing a Requested Video

You can check the status of a video request and view it after it has been processed by the CalAmp application as follows:

  1. In the sidebar menu on the left, click .
    The Vision Library screen will appear.
    The video requests are sorted by date and time of the request, with the oldest request on top.
    If a video isn't ready yet, Processing will appear in the Status column. If a request's status is Video Ready, it has been processed and is ready to be viewed.
    Caution: If the video file isn't available at all, its status will be displayed as Unavailable. This won't usually be the case, though, because most videos that can't be returned will result in the Video Not Found dialog box shown in the preceding section.
  2. Scroll down to the row of the video you need to view.
  3. If it is ready, click  in its row.
    Note: This icon will be grayed out for videos that are still being processed.
    The video will appear in its own window.
  4. Click  to play the video.
    You can click and drag  left or right to move backward or forward in the clip.
    You can click  to view the capture full-screen.
  5. When you reach the end of the video, you can click  to watch it again.
  6. Click Close to exit the video dialog box.