DVIR stands for driver vehicle inspection report. U.S. federal law requires that drivers complete a DVIR daily for the commercial vehicles they operate; to facilitate that, CalAmp's ELD (electronic logging device) offering has inspections built-in for this purpose. But what if your organization doesn't need all the services that the ELD devices provide? What if you need just an application for your drivers to use to perform inspections? This is where CalAmp's DVIR-only solution comes in.

The DVIR-only option provides you with access to apollo's DVIR app, which is designed solely for the purpose of filling out inspection forms.

How Do Drivers Get the App?

On the mobile devices they plan to use to perform inspections, your drivers can go to Google Play or the App Store to download and install the apollo DVIR app.

You should provide them with their login credentials (username and initial password, which you assign when you create the driver's profile via the Manage module of https://portal.apolloeld.com).

Note: In order for your drivers to be able to log in to the apollo DVIR app, in the Driver dialog box (that you use to add/edit new drivers), you will need to set the DVIR Access drop-down list to DVIR Only. (Go to the "Manage >> Drivers" section of ELD Online Portal User Guide for more details.)

You can also see how to add a DVIR-only driver in the following video: Creating a DVIR-Only Driver in the Online Portal.

Drivers can launch a new inspection form by tapping  at the bottom right of the Dashboard DVIR screen.

They can view previously completed inspections by tapping View in the bottom right pane of the Dashboard DVIR screen (the Inspection Reports pane). 

Here is an example of one inspection form: