If your organization has drivers using WEX fuel cards to purchase fuel for your assets, you can integrate the card usage with the CalAmp application. This will give you access to reports that enable you to monitor both your fuel purchases and usage, which can help you manage your budget and detect fuel card misuse.

Setting Up Your WEX Fuel Card Integration

These are the steps you'll need to take in order to complete your WEX fuel card integration:

  1. Contact WEX and inform the representative that you want to integrate your fuel card usage with the CalAmp application.
    The WEX contact will supply you with a data exchange agreement.
  2. Work with your CalAmp customer success manager (CSM) (or other CalAmp contact) to get the agreement signed and executed.
  3. Have your WEX representative set up an FTP path from which CalAmp will receive files with all your fuel purchase data.
    Note: Make sure that your WEX contact knows that the files are to be sent daily! This is necessary in order to ensure that CalAmp has your up-to-date fuel data.
    Caution: In addition, it is imperative that WEX use the same names for your assets that you have in the CalAmp application. Verify this with your WEX representative! If the names don't match, CalAmp will not have any of your fuel card usage records.
  4. Provide all the pertinent FTP path/filename details and required credentials to CalAmp.

Viewing Fuel Card Data via CalAmp Reports

The following reports provide fuel card information:

  • Fuel & Energy Efficiency Detail View: Provides fuel efficiency details, including the distance traveled, total fuel used, idle time, and idling fuel used.
  • Fuel & Energy Efficiency Summary View: Provides aggregated fuel efficiency details to track overall fuel use of assets by group (and perhaps identify which groups are using fuel inefficiently), including the distance traveled, total fuel used, idle time, and idling fuel used.
  • Fuel Purchase Detail: Provides details on when fuel was purchased, which driver/asset used the card, fuel efficiency, fuel costs, and location.
  • Fuel Purchase Summary: Provides aggregated fuel purchase information, including when the cards were used, how much was spent, and the location of the transaction.
  • Fuel Purchase Unmatched Records: Lists each fuel purchase instance without a valid CalAmp asset ID.
  • IFTA State Mileage Summary: Provides aggregated data of assets' road usage by state over a time range, including the public, private, and total distance driven for all assets in each state and number of assets operating in those states, enabling you to save records for IFTA-compliance purposes. With your WEX integration, you can also track the amount of fuel purchased and fuel cost for each state in which your assets traveled.