When mapping asset history on the Tracking screen, you can view a history replay for a single asset, which will step through its past activity chronologically, one minute after another, as follows:

  1. Follow the steps in Mapping Asset History to track the history of the asset, making sure to choose an individual asset in the selection process.
    Caution: You should run a history replay for just one vehicle (rather than multiple), and it works best for a small time window.
  2. Click  in the map toolbar at the top right.
    The History Replay panel will open.
    Under the asset's name, the date and time of the first recorded event during your chosen time frame will be displayed.
  3. Click  to start the replay.
    The activity of the asset will be displayed on the map chronologically, with one second of playback equaling one minute of events.
    As you progress, the path line on the map will be teal for the history you've already played through, and the rest of the path will be gray.
  4. You can pause the replay by clicking and resume it by clicking  again.
  5. To move quickly through the history of activity, you can click and drag the slider  (to the right to move forward in time and to the left to move backward).
    Here are the other options to adjust the replay:
    • (Previous): To return to the last event reported to CalAmp. Note that you may want to pause first for the best results with this.
    • (Next): To jump ahead to the next reported event. You also may want to pause first if you want to stop on that event.
    • 1X : To change the speed of the replay, with options 1X for the default speed of playing each minute's results in one second, 2X for double speed (one minute of activity in half a second), and 3X for triple speed (one minute of activity in a third of a second).
  6. To exit the history replay, click  again in the map toolbar at the top right.