To edit an individual user's profile, follow these steps:

Note: To edit several users' profiles at once, follow the steps in Importing Users, using the Download Template with Users option. You will upload a new users.xlsx file with the existing usernames. (The newly imported file will overwrite your earlier information.)

  1. In the sidebar menu on the left, click .
  2. Click Users on the flyout menu that appears.
    The Admin - Users screen will appear.
  3. If the user whose profile you need to modify is in a subgroup of the one you have selected in the Group Chooser, make sure that View Subgroups is toggled on at the bottom of the screen.
  4. In the row of the user, click at the far right. (To find the user, you can sort or filter the Username, First Name, or Last Name column, if needed, as shown in Sorting and Filtering Column Data.)
  5. Click Edit User.
    Note: You can edit multiple users by selecting their check boxes and then clicking Edit in the options row that will appear at the top of the grid; however, you will only be able to update fields they have in common, such as their group assignment or role.
    The Edit User dialog box will appear.
  6. To change their username, select the text in the Username field and type the new one.
    Caution: Be aware that CalAmp will not inform the user of a username change, so you should either be prepared to contact them yourself or only act in response to a change request from them. Also, you won't be able to change the username for someone who is currently logged in to the application. (The dialog box will return an error when you try to save.)
  7. To update the user's email address, replace the current one in the E-mail Address field.
  8. If you would like to place the user in a different group, click the Group drop-down arrow and select the new group from the list.
  9. To update the level of CalAmp privileges for the user, click the Role drop-down arrow and select their new role.
    Note: Roles control which screens the user can view and change. See Viewing Your Roles for more information.
  10. To change the user's first or last name, select the text in the First Name or Last Name field and type the new name.
  11. Normally, you will leave the User Status field set to Enabled.
    Note: If the user has been suspended for employee infractions, you can click this drop-down arrow and select Disabled or Suspended. Either option will make the user unable to log in to the CalAmp application until their account is reenabled.
    Be aware that if you disable a user and later set their status back to Enabled, they will be treated as a new user. Warn them that they will be sent a Welcome email with a new password.
  12. Usually, you will leave the End Date field at its current value of ten years after creation.
    If the employee should have only temporary access to the CalAmp application (such as an intern or temp), or if you are a long-time customer (so the user is approaching that end date), instead click the calendar picker and choose a date to end their login privileges.
  13. If you need to set a temporary password for the user, you can do so as follows:
    Note: The employee can reset their password on their own by following the steps at Changing Your Password When Logged In.
    1. Click Change on the right side of the Password field.
      The Confirm Password field will appear.
    2. Type the password in the Password field, with these requirements: It must contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one number, and one special character; must have between 10 and 64 characters; and cannot contain spaces or the username.
    3. Retype the same password in the Confirm Password field.
      Caution: The user won't be automatically emailed the temporary password; you'll need to contact them yourself to inform them of the change.

      Also, they'll be prompted to change the password to a more-permanent one after they log in.
  14. Click Done.
    Your edits will appear in the Admin - Users list. Also, a success message will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  15. Click OK to dismiss it. (Or you can wait a few seconds, and it will automatically close.)