After you've saved a customized layout of a report and added parameter choices to its Options drop-down list (as shown in Saving a Report Layout and Parameters to the Saved Reports Tab), you can run the report from the Saved Reports tab of the Reports screen with both that layout and the set of parameters you want, as follows:

Note: You can also run a custom report that someone else created, as long as you have access rights to the group in which it was saved.

  1. In the Group Chooser, select the group containing the custom report. (See Choosing a Group to View Globally for details on how to change your specified group.)
  2. In the sidebar menu on the left of the screen, click .
    The Reports screen will appear and display the reports saved for your chosen group. 
  3. Click the tile of the customized report you want to run.
    The report's Options panel will appear.
    At the top of the Options panel will be a Saved Values drop-down list with your saved parameters choices; None will be selected.
  4. Click that drop-down arrow to see the list of parameters options you've saved.
  5. Click the name of the option with the parameter choices you want results for again.
    Those parameters will be selected.
  6. Click Apply at the bottom of the Options panel.
    The report results will appear on the right, with your customized layout applied.