If you need directions from your current location to a specific asset, follow these steps:

Note: Although the Navigate To feature was designed for use on a mobile device, you can also use it on a computer; it will base your location off of your IP address.

  1. Track the asset you want to navigate to as shown in Tracking a Group or Asset, using the steps for tracking a single asset.
  2. Click the asset's icon/label on the map.
    Its asset pop-up window will appear.
  3. Click Navigate To.
    Note: On a mobile device, you'll need to open the asset's details pane by clicking its name in the asset card that will appear when you click its icon/label on the map and then click Navigate To. The Google Maps app will launch and plot directions from your location to the asset's current address. (On a computer, Google Maps will launch on a new browser tab.)
  4. Follow the directions in Google Maps to navigate to the asset (either using the steps or Google's Navigation feature).
    Note: If you are unfamiliar with Google Maps, you can go to How to Use Google Maps for assistance.
    Your Tracking screen will retain the search for the asset — on your phone, in your browser, and on your computer — on the original tab.