New Features

New State Mileage State Detail Report

We added a new report to the Trip, Stop, Location reports — State Mileage State Detail, which provides the total distance traveled by assets listed by state (with individual columns for each state), as well as the assets' license plate numbers and VINs.

Improved Map Services

We have improved iOn's map performance by using new map services, which will provide more stability, higher reliability, and better clustering.


Providing Aliases in Report Results

Previously, we added Alias as an asset and operator property you can use as a secondary identifier for information about vehicles, drivers, equipment, and trailers. Now, we've added Asset Alias and Operator Alias (where appropriate) as columns for the majority of iOn reports.

Using Latitude/Longitude Values in the Location Activity Asset List Report

We expanded the location inputs the Location Activity Asset List report (in the Trip, Stop, Location category) can process to include coordinates. The previous Address input is now Address/Coordinates, so you can search for asset activity using specific latitude/longitude values.