New Features

Associating Operators with Schedules

We added the ability to assign schedules to operators via a new Schedule drop-down list in the Add/Edit Operator dialog box. We also added a Schedule column to the Admin - Operators screen and included schedules as part of importing operators. (Note that these schedules will be used in coordination with the following new feature, the Unauthorized Usage reports.)

Unauthorized Usage Reports

We added new reports, Unauthorized Usage, to the Exception Reports list, which will show when operators drove vehicles in a time window that was not permitted (for example, outside of their assigned schedule of 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.). Unauthorized Usage Detail will return daily results, including the date and time the unauthorized use occurred and its location, and Unauthorized Usage Summary will return aggregated results, including how many unauthorized events occurred and their total distance, idle time, and travel time.

Integrating iOn and Chevin FleetWave

We have implemented integration between iOn and the Chevin FleetWave software, which will allow for daily vehicle file imports from FleetWave into iOn and exports from iOn into FleetWave (including VIN, vehicle name, odometer, and engine hour data). The file will contain all the vehicles in FleetWave: Newly added vehicles will be marked with a record type of A, edited vehicles with E, and other vehicles with U.


Viewing Posted Speed Limits on the Tracking Screen

We added Posted Speed Limit as a column option on the Tracking screen, which you can add to the grid via the Select Columns feature.

Choosing Alert Schedules from a Drop-Down List

Now, when you create or edit an alert, you can add a schedule from a prepopulated list of all those available for the alert’s selected group by clicking the Schedule drop-down arrow; previously, you could only search for the schedule. (Note that the search function is also still available.)