You can delete a landmark via the Admin - Landmarks/Geofences screen or via the Tracking screen, as shown in the two sections below. The Admin - Landmarks/Geofences method is much easier, especially if you need to remove multiple landmarks.

Note: For an explanation of the features of the Admin - Landmarks/Geofences screen, go to Navigating the Admin - Landmarks/Geofences Screen.

Via the Admin - Landmarks/Geofences Screen

To delete a landmark using the Admin - Landmarks/Geofences screen, follow these steps:

  1. Click  >> Admin >> Landmarks/Geofences.
    The Admin - Landmarks/Geofences screen will appear and display a map of your area at the top and a grid of data about the landmarks in the group you have selected in the Group Chooser.
  2. If the landmark is in a subgroup of the one you have selected in the Group Chooser, click Include Subgroups at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Scroll down to the landmark you need to delete or filter the Name column to find it. (See Sorting and Filtering Column Data if needed.)
  4. In the row of the landmark, click  under Actions.
    Note: Alternatively, you can select the landmark's check box and then click at the bottom of the screen. You actually can delete multiple landmarks this way (by selecting all of their check boxes before clicking ).
    A warning dialog box will be displayed. This is how it will appear if you clicked  in the landmark's row:
    Note: After the landmark's name will be its type, in terms of whether it is monitoring arrivals and/or departures (such as Both in the preceding figure).
    And this is what it will look like if you clicked multiple landmarks and then clicked Delete at the bottom of the screen:
  5. Click Confirm.

Via the Tracking Screen

To delete a landmark using the Tracking screen, follow these steps:

  1. Click  >> Tracking.
    The Tracking screen will open.
  2. Click and drag the map to the location of the landmark you want to delete, zooming in to the geofence boundary. 
    Note: To make locating the landmark easier, you can search for it by name as shown in Performing a Map Search.
  3. Click  at the top right of the map.
    The Landmark Geofence Editor will open.
  4. Click within the drawn geofence on the map.
    Its Landmarks properties window will appear.
    Caution: If more than one landmark is visible on the map, any of them could be selected when you click within the boundary. Make sure that the name of the one you want to delete is the one in the Name field. If not, click the Previous Feature () or Next Feature () icon in the Landmarks window's title bar to switch to the correct one.
  5. Click Delete at the bottom right of the window.
    WARNING! There is no confirmation dialog box. This will immediately remove the landmark from iOn.