Welcome to the CalAmp application (formerly known as iOn)! Are you wondering what the platform has to offer? Well, wonder no more, as this article is designed to give you a quick overview of what's in store for you as you embark on your CalAmp adventure.

Our software has been designed to create an unparalleled new user experience, based on customer feedback and user interface research. You'll find that the site is easy to use, responds quickly, and offers unique fleet solutions such as Tags and Vision. Here are just a few of the key benefits of the CalAmp application:

  • Streamlined interface: The site's visual, intuitive user experience makes it easy to learn and use, so you'll spend less time evaluating your telematics data — you'll quickly gather the information you need to manage your drivers, vehicles, and other assets.
  • Data at your fingertips: The CalAmp experience is specifically designed to provide full visibility into your operations with reliable tools and data insights to handle your day-to-day business needs and offer quick resolutions for any concerns.
  • Simplified workflow: Our platform provides you with a single point of reference to track your assets and the ability to customize your views to best serve your needs.
  • Improved mobile design: The user experience expands on CalAmp's ability to be used via a cellular interface — so you'll be able to seamlessly manage your assets across all your devices.
  • Progressive web apps (PWA): The CalAmp application uses PWA technology, which combines the best features of web and mobile apps, to create a website that offers the ease of use of an app along with the performance and efficiency of a responsive web application.

The site also includes integration with the following unique Cal/Amp offerings:

  • Tags: A CalAmp Tag is a smart proximity sensor you can attach to equipment so that it can be associated to a particular vehicle — the goal being making sure that all the right tools are on the right vehicle. If a tagged item is left behind at a worksite or otherwise lost, CalAmp will be able to identify its last-known location (based on the GPS data from its assigned vehicle's LMU and when the tag was last in proximity to it) and alert you so that you can find it quickly.
  • CalAmp Vision: CalAmp Vision is a video-telematics solution that includes a self-install camera in your vehicles that will return video files to the application that you can view within the software. This helps you accurately assess driver behavior, which can help improve driving efficiency and mitigate liabilities.