New Features

Saving Report Parameters and Custom Layout

We've added the ability for you to save your report settings. Now, you can run a report, adjust the results (such as adding and removing columns and applying sorts and filters), and save those customizations so that you can quickly use them again for later report runs. Then you can open that saved layout and save parameter sets to a drop-down list, so that you can choose those same options when running the report in the future. (See Saving Report Settings and Running a Report with a Customized Layout and Saved Parameters for details.)

Adding an iOn Event Alert with Nonstandard Event Types

When creating an iOn alert with version 2.14 and prior using alert types iOn Event Code, iOn Event Code by Asset, and iOn Event Code v2, you could specify only the listed, standard event codes as the triggering event. These will have the same options but will be renamed iOn Event, iOn Event by Asset, and iOn Event v2 going forward.

We have added a new alert type with the name iOn Event Code that will enable you to enter the name of any event you want to activate the alert, as its trigger field will allow freeform text, so you can now base your alerts on events that aren’t included in the standard drop-down list.

Displaying Subgroups on More Admin Screens

We have added an Include Subgroups option to the Admin screens Roles, Alerts, Schedules, and IO Profiles (as you’ve seen on other Admin screens, such as Assets, Operators, and Routes). When Include Subgroups is selected, the screen will display the entities of both the group you have selected in the Group Chooser and its subgroups.

Using Equipment As an Asset Type

We've added a new asset type, Equipment, which will be available in the prepopulated list of the Add/Edit Asset dialog box, in the asset type list for alerts with type as part of their trigger, and in reports.


Including Miscellaneous Costs When Logging Services

We've added a new field to the Invoice area of the Add/Edit Service Log dialog box — Misc Cost (miscellaneous) — as not all service costs are covered by the current options of parts, labor, and tax. This will also appear in the Maintenance reports.