Odometer, Engine Hours, and Speed Values Based on Vehicle Bus Data

Vehicle bus data will now become the default method for pulling odometer, engine hours, and speed values into iOn. In the user interface, you’ll see this reflected in the Add/Edit Asset dialog box; previously, its Use Bus Value area had selectors for Odometer, Engine Hours, and Speed that, when selected, meant that the odometer values, engine hours, and vehicle speed were being pulled from vehicle bus data instead of calculated based on GPS data.

Now, the logic of this area has been flipped. “Use Bus Value” has been changed to “Override Bus Value,” which means when the options are selected going forward, the values will be based on GPS data instead.

So if you don’t make any changes in the Add/Edit Asset dialog box, vehicle bus data will be used.

Displaying Current Group Assignment in the Admin Edit Dialog Boxes

Previously, the Admin Edit dialog boxes for several entities (including assets, operators, and routes) left the Group field empty, so you didn’t see what the entity’s current group assignment was (but you could easily search for a new group). Now, the current group will be displayed.