Warning: You will likely not be able to delete a group, as the Admin role in its default state does not have the privileges to do so. This is because removing groups can have dire consequences. Any asset (or any other entity) assigned to a deleted group will be deleted as well, so suddenly its data will become inaccessible, as it is tied in the database to its group.

If you must delete a group, contact your customer success manager (CSM) or Customer Support (solutionsupport@calamp.com) and request that they make the deletion.

If you are a long-time, extremely well-versed iOn Admin user, you can also request that they create a new role for you (or adjust your version of the Admin role) that does have the rights to delete groups. But this is not recommended.

If you have been granted rights to delete groups by a CalAmp employee, you can delete a group as follows:

Warning: Before you delete a group, make sure that you reassign ALL assets, operators, users, routes, and any other iOn entities that belong to it to a different group. If you don't, you will find that those entities will be deleted as well!

  1. Click  >> Admin >> Groups.
    The Admin - Groups screen will appear and display the Manage Groups list.
  2. If the group is in a subgroup of the one you have selected in the Group Chooser, click Include Subgroups at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Scroll down to the group you need to delete or filter the Name column to find it. (See Sorting and Filtering Column Data if needed.)
  4. In the row of the group, click  under Actions.
    A warning dialog box will be displayed.
    Warning: Again, be absolutely certain that you've reassigned any assets, users, or other entities that belonged to the group to a different group before proceeding; if you don't, those assets will be deleted along with the group!
  5. Click Confirm.