New Features

New Idle Reports

We added two new reports dedicated to idling data — Idle Detail and Idle Summary. Previously, idling information was included in several iOn reports (and is still a part of those), but they didn’t display individual idle events. The new Idle Detail report provides the duration of each idle event that occurred for assets and operators over a date range on a day-to-day basis, and the Idle Summary report returns aggregated information about asset and operator idling for the course of the specified time range. In both reports, you can specify an idle time in minutes.

The results include separate columns for Working Idle Time and Waste Idle Time so that you can distinguish between working idle time and idle events that aren’t necessary for a driver’s workday.

Auditing Service Now Available for Mobile Devices

In iOn 2.12, we added a service that enables admin users to audit logged system entity changes, including showing when entities were created and last updated, what user made the changes, and what attributes were modified. Now those auditing options are available when using iOn on a mobile device as well.


Expanded Import Templates

We’ve added new columns to the import templates so that you can include more data when adding these items in bulk: assets, operators, routes, users, and groups.

Operator Performance Reports Now Including Vehicles with No Assigned Operators

Previously, the Operator Performance reports returned results only for vehicle assets with assigned drivers. Now, we’ve added entries for vehicles with no associated operator, which will display “Unknown” in the Operator First Name column and the asset name for Operator Last Name.