To add an individual route to your iOn account, follow these steps:

Note: Remember, in iOn, a route isn't a path that a vehicle is assigned to follow (a specific itinerary of stops along a course); rather, an iOn route is an attribute you can define to use as a filter (such as snow routes in a certain area).

Note: For details on how to add several routes at once, see Importing Routes. For an explanation of the features of the Admin - Routes screen, go to Navigating the Admin - Routes Screen.

  1. Click  >> Admin >> Routes.
    The Admin - Routes screen will appear and display the Manage Routes list.
  2. Click Add Route at the bottom of the screen.
    The Add Route dialog box will appear.
  3. Type the route name in the Name field.
    By default, the group you currently have selected in the Group Chooser will be set for the group to assign the route to.
  4. If you would like to place it in a different group, click the Group drop-down arrow and select the group from the list.
    Note: Only the name and group are required. If that's all you need to specify, you can skip to step 10. However, it's recommended that you fill in as much data about the route as possible.
  5. Leave the Status field at its default value of Enabled.
    Note: The Disabled and Suspended options will make the route unable to be assigned to a vehicle asset, but this won't likely be necessary when you are adding a new one.
  6. If your organization has created route categories, click the Route Category drop-down arrow and select the category the route belongs to.
    Note: The categories listed will be those that are available for the group you have placed the route in.
  7. Click the Route Type drop-down arrow and select its type.

    This field may be grayed out, if route types haven't been added for your organization yet.
  8. Type an explanation of the route in the Description field.
  9. If you want the route to be able to be applied to subgroups of the group it is assigned to (so the subgroups, or child groups, can inherit the route from the parent group), select Inheritable.
  10. Click Save.
    Your new route will appear in the Manage Routes list.

Note: To see how to assign the route to a vehicle its attribute applies to, go to Assigning an Operator and a Route to an Asset.