If you have administrator rights, you can audit changes that have been made to your assets, including when they were created and last updated, what user made the changes, and what attributes were affected. To do so, follow these steps:

Note: Audit information will be available only for edits that were made in and after June 2020, when this feature was added.

For an explanation of the features of the Admin - Assets screen, go to Navigating the Admin - Assets Screen.

  1. Click  >> Admin >> Assets.
    The Admin - Assets screen will appear and display the Manage Assets list.
  2. If the asset is in a subgroup of the one you have selected in the Group Chooser, click Include Subgroups at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Scroll down to the asset whose modifications you need to audit or filter the Asset Name column to find it. (See Sorting and Filtering Column Data if needed.)
  4. In the row of the asset, click  under Actions.
    The Audit - Asset Name window will appear.
    The audit data will be listed by the date of the changes, with the most recent on top. You can see who made each individual edit in the User Name column, what attribute type they modified, and the value they specified.
  5. To find a modification based on when it was made, you can filter the Date column. (See Sorting and Filtering Column Data if needed.)
  6. You can scroll down the list to check every update that has been made to the asset.
  7. To exit the window, click Close at the bottom.