New Features

Device Installation Report

We've added a report, Device Installation, that provides installation details for your devices and their associated assets, including date of installation (and uninstall, if applicable), ESN, configuration, LMU model, firmware version, date and time the unit last reported an event to iOn, its location at that time, and its asset's vehicle properties. You can find the new report on the Exception Reports list.

Mobile Versions of the Maintenance and Admin - Maintenance Screens

You can now view the Maintenance screen on your mobile device, including the Dashboard list of services that are due or almost due and Service tab for data about a specific asset's upcoming and past services.

If you're a user with Admin rights, you can also now access the Admin - Maintenance screen on your mobile device, including adding/editing service items and adding/editing schedules.


Tracking Selected Asset Types or Categories

We've added new search options to the Tracking screen that will enable you to track just certain asset types or asset categories, for both live and historical data. To do so, you click  >> Types (or Categories) and then select the check box of the asset type (or category) you want to track.

Specifying Your Time Zone

We've added a new option to enable you to choose your own time zone in Preferences (after first clicking Choose My Own). You can also select to use your browser's default time zone or that of the group currently specified in the Group Chooser.

Setting Geofence Event Alerts by Category

Previously, you could only trigger geofence event alerts by asset name, asset type, asset category, geofence name, and route. Now, you can also create a geofence event alert that is based on the landmark category (and thus use a single configured alert for all your geofences).