On iOn grid screens, you can customize what is displayed, including adding or removing columns and rearranging where they are onscreen. And you can set your preferences to save your layout changes so that the screens will always appear with your customization.

To personalize your layout view, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the screen you want to customize, such as Tracking.
  2. To add or remove columns, click Select Columns at the bottom left.
    The Select Columns box will display the column headers you can include on the screen, listed in their default order. The available headers will vary, depending on what screen you are on. Here is the one for Tracking:
  3. Select (or leave selected) any column you want to include and deselect any columns you don't want to appear. ( means selected, and  deselected.)
    Note: If there are several column options, you may need to scroll down to find the ones you want.
    As soon as you click the check box for a column to select or uncheck it, it will be added or removed.
  4. To change the order of the columns, click and drag the header of a column you want to move from its current location to the new one.
  5. Repeat step 4 for all the columns you want to reposition.
  6. To save the layout view you just created, including the changed fields and rearranged columns, in your Preferences settings, select the Save Grid Settings check box (see the "Changing Your Preferences" section of Viewing Your Profile and Setting Your Preferences for more details).
    Now, every time you log in to iOn and open the screen you modified, your custom view will be displayed.
    Note: Any column filters you applied will not be saved as part of your layout.

    Note: If you decide in the future that you want to return to the default view, with only its original columns and layout displayed, click Select Columns at the bottom left of the screen again. At the bottom of the Select Columns box, click Reset Columns. Your customized view will be discarded.