Many of the iOn screens have columnar data. You can organize the columns and sort and filter the values so that the display of the information best fits your needs.


Caution: You can't sort all the columns on all the screens. The ones you can sort will have  to the right of the column header.

Also, you can sort only one column per screen.

To sort a column, click its heading. If no default sort is assigned to the column, the first click will sort by ascending order (from lowest to highest for numbers, or from A to Z for words), which is represented by a ); a second click will sort by descending order (from highest to lowest for numbers, or from Z to A for words), with ; and a third click will restore the original view.

In the following figures, Group is the sorted column.




You can also remove a sort by clicking Clear Sort at the bottom of the screen.


To filter a column, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Filter icon () to the right of the column name.

    A filter options box will appear. What this defaults to depends on the type of data in the column; for example, this is what the Group filter on the Tracking screen will display:

  2. If the type of filter (such as a Contains filter in the preceding figure) isn't what you want, click the drop-down arrow and select from these options:
    • Equals: Displays only values that match exactly the text you will type in the Filter field.
    • Starts With: Displays only values whose text begins with the characters you will type in the Filter field.
    • Ends With: Displays only values whose last few letters or numbers are the text you will type in the Filter field.
    • Contains: Displays any value that has the text you will type in the Filter field somewhere within it (so "521" will return both "5210" and "5521" values).
  3. Type the text to include in the Filter field.
    Note: The filter is case sensitive on some screens but not case sensitive on others, so you many want to match the case to play it safe (such as using "Vehicle" instead of "vehicle").
  4. Click Apply Filter.
    The column will display only data that matches your criteria.
  5. Click Clear Filter to remove the text from the Filter box.
    Caution: Before you can apply a different filter, however, you'll need to click Clear Filters at the bottom of the screen.
  6. You can click outside the filter box to make it close.

If a column has a filter applied to it, will appear to the left of , as a visual indicator. You can see what filter is currently being used for a column by clicking  (if the Filter box is closed).


To change the order in which the columns are displayed, follow these steps:

  1. Click and drag the header of the column you'd like to appear in a different spot in the grid. Don't release yet!
    The header will float out of its space as you drag.
  2. Drag the header to your preferred location for the column.
  3. Release the mouse button when you have the column where you want it.
    The column will be moved to the new spot.

Note: On the iOn grid screens, you can add or remove columns in addition to rearranging where they are onscreen. And you can set your preferences to save your layout changes so that the screens will always appear with your customization. For details, go to Customizing the Grid Layout.