Many screens have multiple pages' worth of data, such as the Alerts screen. At the bottom of these screens are the following options, which enable you to move through the pages:

  • : Indicates how many entries are on the screen in total (216 in this example) and which ones are currently being displayed, such as the items that are in spots 41 through 60 on the list.
  • : Indicates what page you are on; this example shows that you are on the third page of entries (and that there are 11 total pages). You can jump to an earlier or a later page by selecting the current number (such as 3) and typing in the new value.
  • : Goes to the first page of the screen's data.
  • : Goes to the preceding page of the data.
  • : Goes to the next page.
  • : Goes to the last page.
  • : Enables you to change the number of entries shown on the current page; you can click the drop-down arrow and select 20, 50, or 100. (20 is the default.)