You can view a history replay of events for an asset using the History layer, which will step through each event chronologically, one after another, as follows:

  1. Follow the steps in Mapping a History of Events for a Group or Asset to track the history of the asset or assets.
    Caution: Although you can run a history replay for multiple vehicles, the tool is better used to view events for just one — and in a small time window.
  2. Make sure that the History layer is enabled by following these steps:
    1. Click  in the map toolbar at the top right.
      The Layer List will appear.
    2. If the check box left of "History" is selected, leave it as is.
      If the History check box is empty, click it to select it.
  3. Click  in the map toolbar at the top right.
    The History Replay panel will open.
    The time in its title bar will be the beginning of the time frame you chose in the Asset History options.
  4. Click  to start the replay.
    Each event icon will appear on the map chronologically, one by one, starting with the first one within your specified time period.
  5. You can pause the replay by clicking .
  6. Click  to resume the replay.
  7. To move quickly through the events, you can click and drag the slider  (to the right to move forward in time and to the left to move backward).
    Here are the other options to adjust the replay:
    • (Previous): To return to the preceding event.
    • (Next): To proceed to the following event.
    • 1X : To change the speed of the replay, with options .25X to slow it to quarter speed, .5X for half speed, 1X for the default speed of playing each minute's results in one second, 1.5X for one and half speed, and 2X for double speed.
    • Trail (min) : To set how many minutes of event icons are displayed onscreen; for example, at its default vault of 5, 5 minutes' worth of GPS events will be shown.
    • (Fast Forward): To skip to the next event with data.
    • Enable Auto-Zoom: To center and zoom in on the current event you are viewing.