If you need directions from your current location to a specific asset, follow these steps:

Note: Although the Navigate To feature was designed for iOn use on a mobile device, you can also use it on a computer, as it bases your location off of your IP address.

  1. Track the asset you want to navigate to as shown in Tracking a Group or Asset, using the steps for tracking a single asset.
  2. Make sure that you have selected the asset in the grid so that its Asset Details pane is visible.
  3. In the Asset Details Current Status panel, click Navigate To.
    Note: Alternatively, if you have the Asset Details pane hidden, a details pop-up will appear on the map when you select the asset, in which you can click Navigate To.
    On a mobile device, the Google Maps app will launch and plot directions from your location to the asset's current address. (On a computer, Google Maps will launch on a new browser tab.)
  4. Follow the directions in Google Maps to navigate to the asset (either using the steps or Google's Navigation feature).
    Note: If you are unfamiliar with Google Maps, you can go to How to Use Google Maps for assistance.
    Your Tracking screen will retain the search for the asset — on your phone, in your browser, and on your computer, on the original tab.