You might need to find fleet vehicles that are near an asset — for example, if a truck is in an accident and you need a close-by vehicle to go pick up the driver and their cargo. To find a nearby asset, follow these steps:

  1. Track the asset you want to search near as shown in Tracking a Group or Asset, using the steps for tracking a single asset.
  2. Make sure that you have selected the asset in the grid so that its Asset Details pane is visible.
  3. In the Asset Details Current Status panel, click Find Nearest.
    Note: Alternatively, if you have the Asset Details pane hidden, a details pop-up will appear on the map when you select the asset, in which you can click Find Nearest.
    The Find Nearest dialog box will appear on the map.
  4. Select the text in the Distance field and type the number of miles (or kilometers, if that's your default unit of measure) from the asset you'd like to search for other vehicles.
    Note: Alternatively, you can use ; click to increase the value or  to decrease it.
  5. Click Find.
    All nearby fleet assets that are within your search range will be displayed on the map, and their data will appear in the grid beneath the map.
    Note: The grid column headers are the same as those listed in Tracking a Group or Asset, with the addition of a new first column: Distance, which is how far each vehicle is from the asset in distress. (You may notice in the preceding figure that the asset listed at the top of the grid is the one you searched for, and it's of course 0 miles away from itself.)
    Below the grid, to the right, you'll see the number of nearby assets that were located ("Viewing 232 Assets" in the preceding figure).
  6. When you are finished with locating nearby assets, you can click Exit Find Nearest below the grid to return to normal Tracking activity.