On the Tracking screen, if there is an area of the map you focus in on frequently, you can save that location as a bookmark so that you can access it quickly and easily in the future. (See Viewing a Map Bookmark.) To add a new bookmark, follow these steps:

  1. Click  >> Tracking.
    The Tracking screen will open.
  2. Click and drag the map to the area you want to bookmark, and then zoom in and out as needed using and  at the top left of the map. (Take up the whole of the visible map area with the region to be bookmarked.)
  3. Click  at the top right of the map.
    The Bookmarks widget will appear.
  4. Click Add Bookmark.
    A text cursor will appear in a new field.
  5. Type a name for the bookmark that will easily identify it for you and press Enter.
    Your bookmark will be saved.
    Going forward, whenever you are on the Tracking screen, you can quickly have the map focus in on your chosen favorite area by clicking its name in the Bookmarks widget. (See Viewing a Map Bookmark for more details.)

Note: If you want the Tracking screen to default to displaying the bookmark you created, you can change the Default Bookmark setting in Preferences. (See Viewing Your Profile and Setting Your Preferences for details.)