When you view your user profile, you can update some basic account settings and change your preferences for the group and iOn screen you view when you launch the site, the map bookmark the Tracking screen displays upon opening, your language setting, your time zone, whether the Tracking screen and other grid pages save customizations, and your default unit of measure. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. From any iOn screen, click your username in the banner, which looks like this: . (Make sure that you click your username, not the profile icon.)
    Alternatively, you can click  >> Preferences.

    The Your Profile dialog box will appear.
    Note: To change your iOn startup screen or other viewing settings, you can skip down to the section "Changing Your Preferences" (and step 5).
    Changing Your Profile Settings
  2. To change your username, select the text in the Username field and type the new one.
    Note: You won't be able to change the Group or Role values (your assigned asset group and iOn role, which determines the screens you can view and modify). If you need these to be updated, contact your organization's iOn administrator.
  3. To change your first or last name, select the text in the First Name or Last Name field and type your new name.
  4. To change your email, select the current one in the E-mail Address field and type your new address.

    Changing Your Preferences
  5. If your assigned group has subgroups and you'd prefer to see one of those by default after logging in, you can click the Default Group drop-down arrow and select the subgroup name.
    Note: If you need to track another group's assets altogether, you'll need to contact your organization's iOn administrator and request the group assignment.
  6. To change the iOn screen that launches when you first log in (which by default is Tracking), click the Default Page drop-down arrow and select your preferred startup screen.
  7. To use a different language for iOn than the one your browser is set to, click the Default Language drop-down arrow and select from these options: English, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese.
    Note: You can select Browser Default to return to using your web browser's specified language.
  8. You can change your time zone by clicking the following options below the Time Zone drop-down list:
    • Use Browser Default: To use whatever time zone your browser is set to. (This is iOn's default setting.)
    • Use Selected Group: To use the time zone the group specified in the Group Chooser is set to.
    • Choose My Own: To specify the time zone yourself, as follows:
      1. Click the Time Zone drop-down arrow (which will become enabled after you click Choose My Own).
      2. Click the time zone you would like to use from the drop-down list. (You may need to scroll down to find yours.)
  9. If you have created a map bookmark (see Bookmarking a Map Location for details), you can have your Tracking screen default to displaying it by clicking the Default Bookmark drop-down arrow and selecting the bookmark name.
  10. To have iOn save changes you make to grid screens (such as displaying additional columns and in a different order — see Customizing the Grid Layout for details), select the Save Grid Settings check box. ( means selected, and  deselected.)
  11. To have iOn save viewing changes you make on the Tracking screen (for clustering, basemap, labels, path, whether to display both the grid and map or just one of those, and whether to display the Asset Details pane), select the Save Tracking Settings check box. ( means selected, and  deselected.)
  12. To change the measurement standard used for tracking vehicles, click the Units of Measure drop-down arrow and select either US (for miles) or Metric (for kilometers).
    Note: The Use Group Default option will use whatever standard was set for the group you are viewing when it was created.
  13. To change your password, follow the steps in Changing Your Password When Logged In.
  14. Click Save.
    Note: If you've changed your username, if you click your username in the banner to open your profile again, you'll be prompted to log back in (with a "Your Session Has Expired" message).